#childish #gambino #nochill #rp #lmfao #youngman 😂😂😂😂

Meaningful classics 🙌



2nd job flo

Finding my way thru the dark and can finally see the stars ✨

I’m speechless…. #rp #art #dope #graffiti

2nd job selfie 😩

Be greatful for the struggles ppl cause

Let me enlighten you this morning….seriously Google it to open your eyes

The fam, ma boy @coolkiidchriz hit 21 today

Happy bday again bro @coolkiidchriz

SHOUTOUT to my bro on Turning 21 and enjoying life been one of my ride or die for a min and I pray he will be forever he been there thru thick and thin and cnt be more happier thats he’s seen 21 Happy Bday bro much love man @coolkiidchriz

Church livin.