I’m confused 😩


Gotta go off tonight lol

24-0 halftime @__lluckyy__

Been craving popeyes 🍗

Take notes fellas!


Lmfaoo when your 84 year old grandma gets suprised on her bday

Lmaooo thats so me haha

Banana Mai Tai for gmas bday

Lmfaooo #rp

Damn its been 2 years today and not a day goes past that your not missed. You truely were one of a kind, the friendships you built and laughs shared can never be replaced. It’s crazy all the memories we’ve shared from dance classes to shooting videos, you were truely a great person and an even greater friend. I know ill see you again one day, but until then continue to Rest in Paradise and Watch Over Us down here. And always know your loved and missed greatly. R.I.P JOSHUA ZHOU, A.K.A CHINO, A.K.A CHARLIE CHEEN 🙏


Thank god I haven’t seen one this bad yet